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Orphanage Ratolesť provides care replacing the natural environment through the annual family residence for children from 0 to 18 years of age and continue until the self-employment but not until reaching 25 years of age. Care in orphanages includes meals, housing, maintenance and further care, counseling, hobby, cultural and rehabilitation activities, safekeeping valuables. As part of the care is professional-educational therapeutic treatment aimed at eliminating social neglecting disorders and psychosocial development of the child. Orphanage also provides health care.
By adopting an orphanage for children under court decisions on constitutional or education on the basis of the immediate placement of the child. Orphanage set up a network of family and professional network of separate educational groups as part of its business.
If necessary, you can contact us every weekday at telephone number 045/5391060,5391061.5391062 of Železná Breznica 045/5397155 at 7:00-15:00 in our offices and after that time and also weekends on tel. 045/5391062 number, which is linked directly to individual groups.
We'll answer your questions by e-mail addresses that are listed in section Contact and Departments.
Organization Name: Children's home "Ratolesť" Trnie
Established: 1 1. 2004 for an indefinite period
Location: Tfnie 962 34
No thorns. 90
Statutory Authority: Director
Capacity: 86 children
Legal Form: Organization of the social service facilities established by the founder as a budgetary organization of its own legal personality.



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